Upcoming 2019 International Trip

The plane tickets have been bought and it is official. This years 2019 trip will be to the UK! So between the images I take here in the states be ready for images from England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland!

Mid 2018 progress

Currently I don't have any upcoming trips, or projects. So, during this time I am working on honing my skills and perfecting my night, and astrophotography. I also picked up a new telescope, as well as an Astro converted camera. So I am going to start getting into deep sty photography, as well as advanced night, and Milky Way photography. For more you can follow me on Instagram, and Facebook to see my progress! 


2017 Havasupai Trip

My backpacking trip to have a Havasupai, Arizona was a success! You can find more images in the current landscape section of my webpage, as well as more of my Instagram in Facebook.

I have many trips in the planning faze, here are a few places I will be going in 2017.

Havasupai, ARIZONA 

In August, I will be taking a 5 day backpacking trip to Havauspai, AZ, or better known as Havsu Falls. The goal of this trip is to capture not only the iconic images, but night scape photos as well. The trip was planned around the full moon allowing for plenty of light to capture the falls in all of their glory during the night.  

2017 Asia Trip

My 2017 Asia trip was a success! Below is a list of locations that I went during this trip, updated photos can be found in the travel section on my page. You can also see more on my instant gram in Facebook.

Yangon, Myanmar

Mandalay, myanmar

Sagaing, myanmar

bagan, myanmar

Heho, myanmar

inle lake, myanmar

Delhi, india

Pushkar, India

Jodhpur, india

Narlai, India

Udaipur, India

Agra, India

Amritsar, India

McLeodganj, India